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Stone machinery industry is undergoing rapid changes, technological innovation has prompted the stone industry reform

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2018/03/13 15:10
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The wind resistance performance of the tent is not only related to the texture diameter of the pole, but also related to the number of the poles. In general, the more the number of poles, the better the windproof performance. For example, the tents of two groups of ordinary aluminum rods can resist winds of around 7-8. The wind resistance of 3 aluminum rods is about 9 grades. The tents with 3-4 sets of 7075 aluminum rods can be used in a blizzard environment around 11th grade.

Also reminded in particular that the windproof performance of the tent is relative, it has to do with supporting methods, geographical environment, wind direction, snow, user's outdoor experience, etc. The windproof level given here is only based on daily use experience Numerical value.